About TribeOps

Back in the day, I used to work in a position where I was watching over number of software teams. My biggest personal priority was making sure that everybody were happy. I was a bit paranoid about it, how I could be sure that they are actually happy?

So I kept doing what I was already doing. I watched over the teams, making sure that they were happy as possible. Guarding them from outside turbulence, giving them stability, helping out with problems, removing obstacles and making sure the teams could perform their jobs. But still I had that thought in the back of my head, what if there are people who don't feel comfortable voicing their opinions publicly? What if their opinions are left unheard, and they gradually become more and more unhappy?

A light-bulb went on over my head! What a perfect way to use software to solve a people problem! That will be my new hobby project! So I got started, and I would spend couple of hours before heading to bed in few times per week, slowing building my tool, waiting for the day I could try it out.

Well, life happens. I eventually moved on to a new job, and I couldn't finish it on time. After the original crunch mode, I have rewritten the app couple of times, each time picking a new name and reserving a new domain. Finally, I ended up with TribeOps.

Before you get all excited, please remember that TribeOps does not solve problems, it just makes them visible.

Anyways, I hope you find TribeOps useful!

best regards,

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ps. I have other side projects as well, check out Tinyinvoice, super simple invoicing for people who hate computers.

TribeOps is supposed to be a SaaS. Who writes a letter as a about page? Then signs it with "best regards"? It looks like an business casual email.