Frequently Asked Questions about TribeOps

My team is completely open and honest with me, I don't need this

The way I see it, you are very good at your work, or you are really bad at your work.

The survey is completed and the results are quite bad, what next? I need to improve the situation until my team quits on me and I lose my job

One approach that might work, is start doing one-on-one conversations with everybody in the team. Print the report on paper and start the one-on-one's by going over the report. Start with the person who you trust the most -- who is the most brutally honest with you. It's going to be hard work, tough discussions on subjects that nobody likes. But the situation can only be salvaged with honesty and transparency.

What are the signals that my team is unhappy?

What is your privacy policy?

The emails of the participants are stored in TribeOps for the duration of the survey. The individual participants and their answers are deleted after the survey is completed. The person who created the survey gets a PDF document. The document contains the average scores, minimum score and maximum score of each questionnaire. Everything else will be completely erased from the database.