Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
This is a small service where you can send a short happiness survey via email. The recipients answer the survey with just one click from their email client. After everybody has answered, the creator gets a report.

Is the survey creator able to see what I answer?
No, the creator is not able to see your answers. The creator only sees anonymized data of the survey. (average, minimum and maximum scores)

What is the lifecycle of my data?
After the survey is completed, an email is sent to the creator. The email contains a report. The answers are stored for 30 days and then they are deleted.

What kind of private data is collected?
Only your email and your answer from 0 to 10.

Will you give or sell my email to 3rd party?
Definitely not.

Who made this?
This service was built by Tuomas Jomppanen as a hobby project. You can find him on twitter as @tuomasj

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