What is TribeOps?

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Maximize The Happiness

TribeOps is a culture that belives software teams reach the maximum potential through maximizing the happiness. It is done by creating an work environment that encourages learning new things. Employer improves their reputation as a great place to work and employees like to come to work every morning feeling motivated. This is a win-win situation for everybody.

With the good reputation spread by happy employees, recruitment attracts better talent and the organization achives its strategic goals faster. Smart people make better decisions and this is a huge competitive advantage for a organization.

TribeOps is group of people in the organization who are tasked to make programmers and designers happy. They are the bridge between HR and software development teams. They understand how to make software teams happier and they have the resources to do it.

Software is Eating The World

In the age of digitalization, organizations are turning into a software companies. They become software companies specializing in specific industries. They are adopting and implementing new technologies, the change is constant. The ability of adapting organization into a software company determines the fate of the company.

TribeOps Keeps Your Best Talent

TribeOps are people who improve the culture. They are the people who lead you through the transition in to a software company. They are the people who keep developers and designers resigning from your company.

Are you convinced? If you want to learn how to start a TribeOps in your own organization, read the next article